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  • Word limitation: Minimum 750 words
  • Plagiarism: Just initial material. We do not support any sort of plagiarism
  • Bio: A little bio of the author
  • Link: A link to your blog site, websites, or online existence (if you have one).
  • Photos: 2–3 high-resolution images that would accompany the short article.

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Awesome Benefits of Guest Posting

Everyone wins for all

You publish an article on their blog and publish an article for you … What don’t you like about that? To someone who wants to join, the guest blog provides amazing advantages. There may be more than 7 benefits, but here is a list of my preferred reasons for posting or hosting a blog.

  1. Spread a wider network to the target audience

Each of these advantages is derived from blogging targeted at the same niche as you. To you, what does that mean? As a guest blogger, you reach a new audience that really wishes to hear what you have to say and at the same time increase traffic on your site. You should check out different sites such as and as a networking marketer.

2) Create a web presence

The more on the internet you are, the more people start to realize that you are a “expert.” You have a vote of confidence and the blogger you write for trusts you have enough to let your readers speak to. Try posting guests on websites of authority if you can. These opportunities are rare because authority websites receive hundreds of requests from guest blogs each day, but it is worth trying. The approval of posting on the authority platform puts a broad mark on your badge. You should also seek to invite less competitive blogs at first.

3) Find guests of your own
You have an “in” to post on other forums to get writers to write for you. Such guests automatically connect back to your blog post, so that their followers can see what they wrote on your website. For SEO purposes, price return links are obviously desirable. Oh yes, and your blog gets more traffic.

4) Much gain in exposure
Here are some ways to increase exposure for other bloggers by using this technique:

* You can earn guest posts for money.
* You can earn money from shared ad revenue.
* Gain new readers’ visibility.

A good starting point is to post 10 blogs every month.

5) Quality test
One advantage of posting guests to other blogs is that you write outside of your bubble to see how your content is compared with others in your sector. When your blog happens to have a lot of attentive followers, you know what to do and your guest post attracts very little exposure.

6) Have more social media operation
Another amazing benefit of guest posting is that on your social media pages you can see the level of interaction rise. This is a real phenomenon. You post in a new place, you get more information and you find more mates.

7) Fun Factor

Honestly, hosting a guest on your blog is enjoyable. It is good to see your readers change it and good to challenge yourself by posting to other blogs. You like to meet new people and create new ties. The next time you fall through the proverbial writer’s block or the juices of your writing falls out of your bubble to compose for a day elsewhere.

If you want to create recommendations from the best, blogging, marketing, and posting for guests is the way ahead. But it is important that you have an effective guest posting strategy that works for you before you put “pencil on paper.”

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